Call me for Showdown Daisy Lynn and Legacy Wyatt at Showdown Cavaliers,   3 new baby boys born March 5, 2024. Between both parents there are 25   Champions and 9 Grand Champions in the last 3 generations. Puppies will be   ready for a loving home the first week of May.


 Puppies below are Showdown Rose Pedal and Zeus (Rolling Thunder) Grand   Baby’s🌹

Showdown Daisy Lynn


Grand mom 

 Showdown Rose Pedal Petal is a full sister to Showdown professor   Mortimer.
 Below is Showdown Rolling Thunder (Zeus).  Zeus has been tested   for 170 disorders in all canines and he is totally free

 Daisy’s Uncle is pictured below with many many titles including number 

  one  in the world for a KC toss, and Fetch.

Below Showdown, Professor Mortimer he is #1 in the world in AKC toss, and Fetch.

Rosie’s Full Brother

Showdown Professor Mortimer