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In Memory  Of Our Loving Champion Camden Where Did We Go Right  

July 27, 2002 - June 17, 2015

Our beautiful Camden had a wonderful soul, at times he would have a puppy that would look just like him, he was a Hunter, fetcher and quite the Lady's man, Camdem would out run every one to get that tennis ball first, he would even hide it in his kennel under blankets, any where that he could go back and get it,  just so that he did not have to share it with the others, it was his ball and they could get their own, in almost 14 years it was still his possession and no one else's, along with quite a few other toys. Camden loved to Hunt, he would chase every bug and bird or insect that would cross his path.  Camden loved his Haram and was great with his puppy's, he was very tender and sweet, he would clean their faces and kiss them, we all miss him so much.  Not only was Camden very head strong but he was very Heart strong, I had him checked in 2013 and he was still heard clear. I also had him checked before he passed and his Heart was strong but his body was getting very old, he was 95 years old in human age. I was very blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy, loving, sweet boy.  Camden produced some of the most beautiful healthy, nicely structured puppy's that I was always truly proud of.  Each and every puppy had a piece of his uniquc personality.  Camden"s prodigy has been very healthy and are living good long Healthy life's. Camden caught his leg in a fence and pulled it out of socket, after 6 weeks in a kennel it healed, we were playing fetch and he jumped up as I stepped down on his leg and pulled it back out of socket, another 6 weeks in a kennel with his ball, he was not allowed to stand up or walk I carried him to the bathroom and he was so sweet.  The surgery had come undone and Camden had healed and grew a fake socket, the Vet. said he had never seen any thing like it before, but the Vet. said don't put him thru any more surgery, he was not in pain but he walked with a good limp, which did not slow him down much, he still loved to fetch and he fetched another 5 years.  I truly believe that injury aged Camden or maybe he would have lived a little longer.Camden loved to walk the perimeter of the yard just to make sure every one knew it was his territory and that never did change, it just took a little longer and he was more tired. With a broken heart and tears in my eyes I told Camden that he had given so much to me in his life and I thanked him and kissed him good bye, his Haram all kissed him good bye also,.he crossed that rainbow Bridge with his daughter Scout which he hadn't seen in 9 years and I know he will be waiting with Scout for all of us that Loved them both so much,  they both passed within minutes of each other, I could just imagine Camden and Scout free to run and play and chase Butterfly's together forever.

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Scout - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 In Memory of Our Precious Scout - July 24, 2006 – June 17, 2015     Life is Lived in “The Dash”

My precious blessing Scout arrived in October of 2006. From the moment she stepped foot in the house, she became a “contender” for her brother Bentley. She was quick as a whistle and a very determined and competitive fetcher. She was extremely smart and learned very quickly how to outsmart her brother and his friends and gave them a run for their money every day! Scout particularly loved fetching her frisbie, whether it was in the yard, the pool, in the neighborhood, or on the golf course.   She could catch it in midair and also over her shoulder. She also loved chasing her ball and any toy available! She became my little tomboy…and my shadow, following me everywhere. She and her brother took every walk with their frisbies in their mouths. She competed in agility at a young age and loved it. Her competitive nature was so fun to watch. Scout was precocious and precious, sassy, and a perpetual puppy. She moved through life with the most confident swagger. She was also extremely independent. She earned the monikers “Naughtiness,” “Stinkerbell,” “Angel Girl,” and upon arriving at a party when she was about 6 months old, sat down and scooted across the entire room filled with about 30 people, hence, “Scooter”! It was astounding and hilarious. Needless to say, she loved to make an entrance. She was kind and inquisitive and gentle as can be; also, an avid explorer. Her nature was so pure and patient, a healer in so many ways. Cats and squirrels wouldn’t agree with that, as she loved to hunt; however, it was just the chase she was after.   Her quirks were so endearing and are so deeply missed. She left a footprint on the world that will be remembered forever. Scout lived “The Dash” valiantly and vibrantly and left an indelible mark on all the lives she touched. Unforgettable…our sweet little Blessing!

Now I lay me down to rest

I’m at Rainbow Bridge – I passed the test

I leave behind my Mom and my Brother

I told them both there could be no other

They miss me so, I feel it every day

I remind them I’m here, just in a different way

When she aches at night, I lie on her chest

This is where she feels me the best

My life was so blessed, she always made it so

For those and other reasons, it was hard to let go

My passing was gentle, sweet, yet so sad

Come to find out, I crossed over with my Dad

It’s beautiful, I’m happy and free as can be

I’ll be back with Mom and Bentley very soon – you’ll see!

She knows this is true – I am helping her along

I must be free right now to come back to them strong

They love me so deeply, my antics, you see

There was no other way, I had to be free

Our hearts and souls are connect as ever

My Mom, my Brother and Me…Forever!   Scout

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