Showdown Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.


Please enjoy Showdown Cavaliers Testimonils from new puppy forever family"s.
 ***** Wonderful experience!

It has been great working with Peggy with Showdown Cavaliers on getting us our puppy, she made it so easy and he is so wonderful. She sent pictures and talked to us at length. We got him in record time and he is everything and more than what we expected. I am still amazed at how well house trained and socialized he is, my hat is off to her. We are so happy to have found her. If you already know how wonderful this breed is, as we did, you know how hard it is to find them so do not hesitate because you will miss out. We are so glad we took a chance and worked with Peggy!

 Elisabeth, June 9, 2010

*****  Very professional

Peggy was just wonderful to deal with when we were shopping for a puppy. She was very professional and worked with us to get the puppy across the USA safely. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is. Well mannered and well adjusted.I would recommend Showdown Cavaliers breeder, Peggy Dixon to any one looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

eileen, April 8, 2007    
*****  Wonderful to work with!!!!!

After my first bad experience with purchasing a puppy I was a bit hesitant. But Peggy put all of those fears to rest. She is absolutely wonderful!! Within an hour of agreeing to buy Little Bit Peggy had her flight arrangements made and her health certification scheduled. We are so happy with Little Bit!! Peggy was a great source of information and willing to answer any questions. I would be glad to recommend her to anyone. You deserve a AAAAAA+++++++++++!!!!!!

 Tara, March 9, 2006     
Showdown Cavalier Kennel  *****

Gwen is weighing in at 14 pounds right now, and is in perfect health. I work in a vet clinic, and have to say, her quality as compared to all other cavaliers that come to our clinic is astounding. She is a picture perfect, text book cavalier. She is friendly, outgoing, quiet, obedient, and loves everyone. Her size and coloring is exactly as cavaliers should be. She arrived safe and sound and everyone could see by just looking at her that she is a healthy, beautiful little cavalier who came from great breeding. We took her to our Vet. who gave her an excellent health report. We can hardly believe that this little puppy is so smart and even house trained at only nine weeks old. We just can't tell you how much overjoyed and delighted we are with our lovely puppy, They do a fabulous job in socializing and training thier pups we recommend  Showdown Cavaliers to everyone.

Gwen April 2010

When our beloved 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chloé, passed away last summer, our family was devastated. We had purchased her from a breeder in South Carolina and couldn’t imagine we’d be able to find a reputable Cavalier breeder in Utah. By chance, in December of 2013 we heard about Peggy Dixon’s “Showdown Cavaliers.” Five months later, we had PEARL—our bouncy, bubbly, beautiful Blenheim! I cannot thank Peggy enough for giving our baby girl such a fantastic start in life. Pearl is healthy, friendly, confident and so darn SMART! Peggy is a knowledgeable and ethical breeder who works tirelessly to produce only healthy, well-tempered pups. (I mean really, who wants a mean, sick Cavalier!?) Peggy is also a dream to work with! She welcomed us into her home whenever we called (which was often!) and made sure Pearl and her littermates were safe and socialized. We are thrilled to have found such an outstanding breeder so close to home. We look forward to many happy years with our precious Pearl.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Peggy!

—Karin Hurst, UT

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A litter of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
As I write, I am sitting with a lap-full of precious love, two puppies curled together on my lap.  We went to see Peggy on Friday planning to adopt a Cavalier.  She had two Blenheims, and when we couldn't choose, we extend ourselves financially and took both of them!  All of my life I have dreamed of having a Cavalier King Chsarles Spaniel, and now we have two precious boys--Percy and K.C.  Thanks to the love Peggy has for the breed, and her excellent breeding practices, we have been blessed with  these sweet ones whose parents are both certified heart-, eye-, and knee-healthy, which will no doubt save us not only extensive veterinary bills, but also great concern over their well-being.  Peggy doesn't just raise these sweet dogs as a hobby, she puts her whole heart and soul into the breeding, caring for, and feeding of them.  She has spent a great deal of time, money and effort in refining their health characteristics, raising them and living with them--not just merely observing. This is a love beyond compare, and one that allows her to get to know all of these puppies and their personalities, so she can advise the special ways each one likes to be touched and handled.  My husband and I couldn't be happier with the attention she lavishes on her dear little ones, and we are the beneficiaries because they are so well-adjusted and  self-confident. 
Thank you, Peggy, for giving us the opportunity to parent these two sweet little puppy "boys"!!  It is our pleasure to endorse Showdown Cavaliers whole heartedly, and highly recommend purchasing from them if you're looking for a Cavalier, or maybe even a pair, as we did!!  You haven't lived until you've watched a "puppy rodeo", as they tousle and play with each other.
Mitch and Mary Wiley

June 2016